Gallery FUMI presents Crafted in Metal, a group exhibition that celebrates creativity and craftsmanship as designers explore the landscape of metalwork in contemporary design.

The exhibition features a curated selection of metalworks, each weaving their unique narratives through the exploration of different alloys and techniques, resulting in a diverse and eclectic showcase of contemporary design works.

Among the highlights are works from the Les French series by Glithero, which serves as a testament to the beauty of the prototype. Ad-hoc configurations of bamboo joined together with wound string are transformed from delicate to permanent through the process of casting in bronze. Volumes in wood are constructed on top of the bronze bases, and are finished with layers of dyed gum-paper.  The family of works include a floor light, side tables, a sideboard and a cupboard. 

Traditional craftsmanship is brought into the contemporary by Francesco Perini, with steel marquetry on oak for a dining table from the Pebbles series. Inspired by the secluded surroundings of Tuscany in which the studio is situated, and with a masterful expertise with wood, the designer translates delicate formations of balanced pebbles into large scale design works where only the subtle perfection of curves and a net of steel inlay can suggest human intervention.

Max Lamb's Metalware series offers a fresh perspective on utilitarian design, with seating crafted entirely from standard diameter metal tubes of steel, copper and brass. In these works Lamb explores the interplay of form and function, paying homage to the long-standing tradition of British woodware furniture while embracing contemporary aesthetics through the adoption of metals. Additional works by Lamb include Jigsaw Chair, crafted from components of green-hued anodised aluminium, and Rusty Sheet Chairs and Tables, constructed with folded sheets of steel and, as a testament to the beauty of imperfection, finished with a vibrant patina of rust.

New sconces from Shinta Nakajima’s Acanthus series are crafted from precious metals including Britannia silver and 23ct gold, and draw inspiration from the traditional Acanthus plant motif found in centuries of silversmithing. In these works, Nakajima reimagines the motif through hammering, piercing, and patination techniques. With curling foliage and spattered spots and stains, applied with gold leaf or patinated tin, the silversmith invites observers to reconsider imperfections as reminders of the plant's imperfect beauty.

Sculptures from Emma Witter’s Heavenly Bodies series are additionally inspired by the interconnectedness of nature and human creativity. Consisting of clusters of copper-plated oyster shells, harvested from market-stall waste and coated using a delicate electroplating process, the works are precious and highly tactile.

Variations of metals are combined in a side table by Thomas Lemut, with interlocking slices of aluminium, copper, stainless steel, black steel, and brass, and a side table by Study O Portable, with painterly layers of jesmonite imbued with aluminium, copper and brass. 

Additional works includes a floor standing light in bronze by Voukenas Petrides, a sculptural mirror and table lamp in steel by Tuomas Markunpoika, a floor sculpture crafted to resemble a doormat and lighting sculptures in lead by JAMESPLUMB, and a steel and mirror mixed media wall-mounted work by Sam Orlando Miller.

2-3 Hay Hill, W1J 6AS, Mayfair, London
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