Sam Orlando Miller

London, United Kingdom

Sam Orlando Miller

British artist Sam Orlando Miller is known for his sculptural works in mirror and metal, his poetic use of materials and his faceted oval forms.

He begins each work by drawing: 'Drawing for me is the recording of a thought, usually the answer is something I can’t see in my mind, and so I draw it to find out what it could mean'. A formative influence was the work of Piero della Francesca and other Renaissance Italian painters, and he continues to be inspired by the formality of naturalism and symbolism in this era of painting.

Miller studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art, graduating with an exhibition of forged steel sculptures. After running a design studio in London, he spent fifteen years living and working in central Italy. Working fluently in both two and three dimensions, his skills with materials were formed as a child growing up in a workshop surrounded by English silversmiths. In this traditional environment, practical skills with precious metals were passed on by hand and eye. Craftsmanship became not only his practice, but formed his way of thinking.

'I feel deeply connected to those craftsmen, like ancestors, to centuries of making. Part of growing up with silver made me realise it was just a substance that happens to be wonderful to work with because of its physical qualities, not its status or worth. The skill of working with silver is the understanding of reflection. When you make an object in silver you need to know how it captures the world around it.'

Miller lives and works between London and northern Spain, drawn to a remote region by the landscape which he describes as archaic, looking more or less the same as it did a thousand years ago. His first work in this new location, a spectacular sculptural chandelier titled Ghirlande di Lacrime Estive (Garlands of Summer Tears), was exhibited at Nomad, Venice, 2019: 'I imagined ancient, sacred groves, darkened places lit up by the energy of hanging votive. I recalled the shock of lightening stepping through the hot air of a summer’s day, ascending and descending, connecting the earth with the sky. In this work I wanted to release the fire from the bulb back into our sensual world'.

Having exhibited extensively since his first solo exhibition at Hedge Gallery, San Francisco in 2012, Sam Orlando Miller’s work has been acquired for private and public collections worldwide.




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