Shinta Nakajima

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Shinta Nakajima

Japanese-born Shinta Nakajima is an award-winning silversmith, living and working in Sheffield, UK. His works are created using hammering and chasing techniques. For him, hammering is a very simple and somewhat meditative repetition. To create undulation, convex and concave, Nakajima can hammer 3 times per second, 15,000 per hour and spends approximately 100 hours on each piece. It is important to him that during this process a conversation with the material is generated: every tiny hammer mark a grain of energy, contributing to a greater, flowing force. He seeks to integrate the stability of metal with the transient beauty of plants, and focuses on seeds and fruits in their symbolism as vessels of life.

After completing his BA Metal Craft degree at Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Nakajima worked as a technician during 5 years under Professor Hiroshi Suzuki, the Japanese-British silversmith, for five years. He is currently completing an MFA Design degree at Sheffield Hallam University .




My silversmithing is so simple, I beat 3 times per second, which means 10.000 times in an hour.

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