Gallery FUMI presents ‘Incontro’ a solo exhibition of newly commissioned works by Italian designer Francesco Perini for NOMAD St. Moritz. Known for his masterful handling of sophisticated materials and ingenious craftsmanship, Perini has sought to devote himself to the creation of unique pieces in valuable materials to form his own unmistakably contemporary aesthetic within the traditional craft of marquetry. Formed primarily in wood, each piece is meticulously cut by hand and fused to another, blending materials into one complete work. Fine wood transforms upon its encounter with stone and evolves in the uniting of precious marbles and metals.

Born in San Giovanni Valdarno in 1966, just outside Florence, Francesco Perini is inspired by his family legacy of highly skilled practitioners in the art of marquetry. His practice is also enriched by his historical Tuscan surroundings where Florentine craftsmanship remains unparalleled.

Currently working within his secluded atelier in the Tuscan hills. Francesco Perini continues to evolve; exploring new materials whilst pushing the boundaries of traditional Florentine techniques attesting to his position as a true 21st century artisan.

NOMAD ST.MORITZ, Chesa Planta, Mulins 2, 7503, Samedan, Switzerland
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