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Signs of Life 2.020

Signs of Life 2.020 is a reactive digital fire exit sign by British artist Freddie Yauner. When the sign detects motion, it shows the standard pictogram of a man standing on one leg, running towards the arrow’s direction. If there is no movement around the room, the pictogram becomes animated and engages in a series of relaxing activities: he stretches, watches TV and takes a nap. As soon as someone disturbs him by walking past or standing in front of it, he will run back to work very quickly. Inspired by the idea that it is almost impossible to stand on one leg all day - like the fire exit man does - Yauner decided to give him a rest, and give us all a peek into his private life. Drawing out the most unusual parts of the animation’s life, Yauner invites us to reflect the extraordinary and weird year that we have had in 2020 and consider the world that surrounds us from a new perspective. The original Signs of Life, produced in 2009 for Gallery FUMI, is in the permanent collection at MoMA in New York.
Edition of 20 + 2AP
Reactive Digital Sign
United Kingdom
£ 6,000.00 (ex tax)
H24 / W32.4 / D3 CM H9.4 / W12.8'' / D1.2''
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