It has been a busy summer in the Athens studio of Andreas Voukenas and Steven Petrides, with new works and sculptures being developed.

These will be revealed for the first time at Gallery FUMI in Mayfair on 17 September. Two standing light sculptures - at a heroic 2 metres tall - are made in their trademark Gypsum plaster, polished to a marble-like finish. A coffee table and mirror have been cast in aluminium, and a standing lamp, a bench, three chairs, and twelve small sculptures have been cast in their preferred red bronze.


Both form and materiality are key in the work of Voukenas Petrides. The pair has worked together for seven years, combining their design backgrounds to create a body of furniture, mostly in plaster and bronze, imbued with strong sculptural qualities.  


Voukenas studied interior architecture and product design at the University of Applied Science in Athens, and Petrides studied architecture at Columbia University in New York. It was when Petrides moved to Athens in 2014 that they met and joined forces. They now have a studio space in the southwestern suburb of Tavros where Petrides makes the plaster works with Voukenas’ direction in production.

Gallery FUMI, 2-3 Hay Hill, Mayfair, W1J 6AS, London
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