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Following its successful exhibition at Pavilion of Art and Design (PAD), Paris, Gallery FUMI is delighted to announce its participation at PAD, London, this October. FUMI will present a selection of works by talented designers and artists, carefully selected for their authentic craftsmanship and discerning use of materials. This collection includes works by; Studio Silverlining, Max Lamb, Thomas Lemut, Rowan Mersh, Zoé Ouvrier, Faye Toogood and Jeremy Wintrebert.

Studio Silverlining, the Cheshire-based craftsmen, will continue their collaboration with FUMI, extending their exclusive line of works for the Gallery. The second of their extraordinary Infinity Tables and an exquisite wenge wood ‘Pebble’ bench will both be part of the collection. The Infinity Table, inspired by a study of human emotion, based on physiological responses to shape and colour, features a unique method of staining veneer to carefully control the intensity of colour over specific areas. The transition of vibrant colour, from a pure lacquer in the infinity ‘trumpet’ or base, to the wood of the tabletop, highlights the organic form of the table. For PAD, London, FUMI presents a new version of the original Infinity Table with an autumnal colour palette inspired by the La Rioja region.

Alex Hull’s remarkable, asymmetric Split Sofa is a balancing, visually light, organic structure, which was inspired by the movement of waves and the composite construction of a surfboard. The continuous leather form of the sofa, with concealed seams and light padding, splits open to reveal a more delicate and tactile suede interior as if it has been torn apart.

UK-based designer Max Lamb’s Urushi Stool is made from cleft chestnut wood sourced from Springfield Park, London and urushi lacquer from Wajima, Japan. The Urushi series is the result of a collaboration between Lamb and Hidetaka Wakashima (Japan). Cleaving a log by axe and froe, the wood Lamb uses as a traditional base splits along the grain and the natural structure of the tree is maintained. The grain texture of the chestnut wood remains visible through the lacquer, highlighting the natural material inside.

Inspired by his mentors Pierre Chareau and Jean Prouvé, French artist Thomas Lemut works mainly in natural materials such as metal and wood. At PAD, London, FUMI will show Lemut’s exceptional ‘Desk.Jel’ which is made of nine different types of wood. Using no adhesive or welding, the joints and tensions are assembled in such a way that the desk is held together solely by the perfectly adjusted and fitted component strips.

Following the initial collaboration for PAD Paris, Zoe Ouvrier’s hand-engraved panels, from the Rizhome series, will be exhibited by FUMI at PAD, London. Made using plywood that has first been painted and then intricately and painstakingly engraved, Ouvrier’s works display the motifs of plant stems and the roots, nodes, and shoots often concealed underground. The resulting artworks are a beautiful tribute to nature and expert craftsmanship.

Gallery FUMI look forward to exhibiting this collection of beautifully hand-crafted works at PAD, London this October. Celebrating the use of natural materials and craftsmanship, embraced by selected artists and designers, FUMI profiles this work amongst leading contemporary art and design galleries at PAD, the esteemed art and design fair.



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