Gallery FUMI, London

Corn Craft marks the first creative collaboration between Gallery FUMI and Studio Toogood. Taking inspiration from crafts found in traditional folk culture, these two visionary houses of art and design are staging a contemporary installation based around the sustainable and natural material – corn. Under the creative direction of interior stylist Faye Toogood, the harvest festival will include unique and one-off pieces by Nacho Carbonell and Raw Edges Design Studio as well as an installation by textile sculptor Rowan Mersh. Gallery FUMI have opened their private residence in Hoxton Square to showcase this event.

Rowan Mersh shows a site specific installation that encapsulates the spirit of rural England’s rolling hills. Over 40 000 individual pieces of corn, strung onto mono-filament line, were utilised in the creation of this three dimensional landscape.

Raw-Edges Design Studio created a domesticated indoor field which made of dry wheat planted squarely inside overlapping wooden frames. White ceramics dished are put on the wheat as if they were floating.

Nacho Carbonell’s collection named Crop, intends to simulate a space inside a corn field, a space you need to find. For that we created an installation that consists of several pieces inspired by the colors, movement and lushness of the corn. The pieces were built using the materials found in the field, which dictated their final textures and colours. Each of them is then placed together, creating an intimate space.

Max Lamb and Gemma Holt collaborated on a citrin Alpha glass mouth-blown by Lobmeyr craftsmen. A tiny stone wheel carefully sharpened to a shallow mitre.The gentle but skillful act of a nudge upon the glass? surface creates a barley shaped engraving, the grain of the stone like fibres of the barley husk.



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