6AM Glassworks

Milan, Italy

6AM Glassworks

Edoardo Pandolfo and Francesco Palù are a creative duo founded in 2018 that ranges from production of large scale installations to the creation of sculptural objects in glass.

Francesco grew up in a family of artistic glass collectors and applies his architect skills to craftsmanship while Edoardo, Venetian by birth, since his childhood explored the fournaces in Murano. Their backgrounds combined generate a unique and transversal design depth, where the approach to artistic glass is based on a strong synergy between the master’s empirical art and a solid knowledge of millennial techniques. From the constant aspiration towards innovation and research, 6:AM Glassworks creates contemporary artifacts that have their roots in history.

The sculpture series 1/1/1 combines Murano glass with Carrara marble, a natural material sourced from mountains in Carrera, Italy, in moulds created from recycled materials. The glass is enabled to take on unpredictable shapes, and a soft, imperfect texture is given by the marble powder.

Inspired by the environmental impact of sourcing Carrera marble, resulting in large deposits of production residue (marble dust) causing damage to local ecosystems by being allowed to fall into mountain riverbeds, 6:AM Glassworks use only this residue of marble dust to create their glass sculptures. Each work has a unique shape that evokes the scars left by quarries on the mountain landscape.




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