Kustaa Saksi is a Finnish contemporary artist and designer specialising in graphic storytelling through pattern design, textile art and installation. Ideas of nature seen from the abstracted edge of perception pervade all of Saksi’s work. He builds fantastical worlds of playful, paradoxical and troubling yet inviting shapes and environments pulled out of the ordinary. Combining organic qualities with uniquely detailed textures with rich colour palettes and experimental material use, Saksi is interested in developing contemporary spaces, objects and atmospheres. Lost somewhere between the dream world and the state of awakening is where one finds the surrealistic works of Saksi. He experiments with Jacquard weaving technique to create a series of tapestries that visualize awakening that blur state of consciousness leading out of sleep. The textiles blend natural fibres like mohair, alpaca and wool with rubber, acrylic, lurex and phosphorescent yarn. Saksi’s artworks have been exhibited at galleries and museums in New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Singapore, Berlin, Madrid, Milan and Tokyo.


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